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Full Disclosure Investigations


Since our inception, a significant percentage of our cases are classified as Criminal Law, Family Law, Corporate Law, Missing Persons cases, and International Law. The International Department of FDI focuses primarily in the areas of international surveillances, individual locations, and legal and private negotiations. FDI's trained operatives are available for contracts positioned in First World countries and selected geographical locations upon request.

private investigator - Dallas Texas - Full Disclosure Investigations

We are frequently asked whether we service private individuals and our answer is a resounding "yes". FDI's private investigative services are available to members of the legal community, public and private organizations and corporations, and individuals seeking private consultations.

Finally, our team of highly educated, practised experts are available for the ever-critical service of Voir Dire (Jury Selection) and are prepared to assist from the initial stages of Voir Dire and throughout the process and duration of trial upon request.


Our fees vary as widely as do our range of services and are negotiable. We do, however, require a pre-contracted, initial retainer which is applied to the charges for services rendered. Our retainer is similar to that of most attorneys and is necessary to offset incurred expenses such as routine business, travel, and etc.
private investigator - Dallas Texas - Full Disclosure Investigations
criminal investigator - Dallas Texas - Full Disclosure Investigations
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