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Full Disclosure Investigations

When your life becomes complicated and many questions are left unanswered, you may be wondering how you can find the answers you seek without running into legal trouble. There is an easy solution, hire a Full Disclosure Investigator!

Why do I need to hire a private investigator?
We are a full service investigative agency fully staffed, equipped and prepared to satisfy any and all of your investigative needs. Trying to find the answers on your own is not the best option since there are many areas of the law with which you may be unfamiliar. We know exactly what we can and cannot do to get your answers. We never leave an avenue unchecked.

Is an in-depth investigation worth the cost to me or my client?
When your case becomes complicated and your client needs help in bringing the truth forward, an investigation is the best approach to finding the truth. We've worked with hundreds of lawyers and their clients, many for whom we’ve been able to uncover evidence either overlooked or obfuscated.

Get to Know Full Disclosure Investigations:

Our Fees:
Our fees vary as widely as do our range of services and are negotiable. We do, however, require a pre-contracted, initial retainer which is applied to the charges for services rendered. Our retainer is similar to that of most attorneys and is necessary to offset incurred expenses such as routine business, travel, etc.

When you are looking for answers you want the best investigators to be on your case. We are that team! Give us a call at 214-507-6094 today.

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